Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Sharmini Paranavitana . I was born and raised in Sri Lanka and moved to British Columbia in the 90’s.  I am mostly a self taught Artist,  working gal and professional day dreamer!! It was quite evident from my childhood days that I had a passion for drawing and painting.   My school books, desks and walls of my room all bore the marks of a budding Artist!

I love drawing/painting people, animals, flowers and birds! I started out with watercolours and from there went on to oils and more recently, Acrylics and coloured pencils.

When I’m not painting, you will find me snuggled up in bed crocheting (my other great passion) and possibly snacking on something that’s very bad for me!

My goal is to share my Art and the absolute joy it brings me,  with you!