Original Art work

“Apples & Blue Ornaments” : I have many  blue ornaments lying around in my home and I wanted to incorporate them in at least one of my paintings – I threw in a few apples for good measure! – Oil on Canvas


“Come ride with me” : Such a happy little painting! I love horses and this was a pleasure to paint! Done for an Art Exhibition at Langley City Arts Council – Acrylic on Canvas


“Araliya” : Frangipani a.k.a “Aralia in Sri Lanka – These flowers come in many colours and they grace the gardens of many homes and temples in Sri Lanka – these are very fragrant flowers with a velvet feel to the petals! – Oil on Canvas


White Orchids – are my all time favourite – Orchids are plentiful in Sri Lanka and come in many varieties – Oil on Canvas


Kingfisher on Hibiscus : These beautiful birds are quite common in Sri Lanka as are the Hibiscus also known as ‘Shoe flower” to the locals..not quite sure how that came about!  – Oil on Canvas

king.jpgSunbird on Banana flower…Although in the West people are familiar with Bananas and Plantains, the flower of the Banana tree is not familiar to many. Birds are attracted to the nectar in the small yellow parts of the flower. – Acrylic on Canvas

banana.jpg“Kandy Lake – This lake is situated in Kandy, Sri Lanka – Acrylic on Canvas